The current governor is Bill Lee, a Republican. The state's industrial and manufacturing sector continued to expand in the succeeding decades, and Tennessee is now home to more than 2,400 advanced manufacturing establishments, which produce a total of more than $29 billion worth of goods annually. [462] The WGC Invitational is a PGA Tour golf tournament that has been held in Memphis since 1958. [394] The legislature can override a veto by a simple majority, and the state has no "pocket veto". Tennessee Back to Help Center BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee General Inquiries 1-423-535-5600 BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee 1 Cameron Hill Circle Chattanooga, TN 37402 Customer Service 1-423-535-5707 1-800-572-1003 Weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time Precertification 1-800-228-2096 [290] Cash receipts for crops and livestock have an estimated annual value of $3.5 billion, and the agriculture sector has an estimated annual impact of $81 billion on the state's economy. For areas outside the highest mountains, the average overnight lows are generally near freezing. [437][438] In 2007, Ron Ramsey became the first Republican Speaker of the State Senate since Reconstruction,[439] and the following year the Republicans gained control of both houses of the state legislature for the first time since Reconstruction. [198] Numerous tributaries join to form the Tennessee River in the Ridge and Valley region. [58] In 1779, James Robertson and John Donelson led two groups of settlers from the Washington District to the French Lick. WebTennessee Firearms Classifieds Choose City/Region Chattanooga Clarksville Cookeville Jackson Knoxville Memphis Murfreesboro Nashville Tri-cities Tullahoma Choose a category: All Categories Firearms Antique Firearms Handguns Muzzle Loaders NFA Firearms Rifles Shotguns Firearm Accessories Ammo Gun Parts Gun [86][87], As settlers pushed west of the Cumberland Plateau, a slavery-based agrarian economy took hold in these regions. [460] The Nashville Superspeedway in Lebanon, which previously held Nationwide and IndyCar races until it was shut down in 2011, reopened to host the NASCAR Cup Series in 2021. [415][416] Republicans currently hold the state's U.S. Senate seats, 7 out of 9 Congressional seats, 73 out of 99 state House seats, and 27 out of 33 state Senate seats. The current delegation consists of eight Republicans and one Democrat. Several suburban areas of Nashville and Memphis also contain significant Democratic minorities. The next year, the capital was moved to Murfreesboro, where it remained until 1826. [82][83] In 1818, Jackson and Kentucky governor Isaac Shelby reached an agreement with the Chickasaw to sell the land between the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers to the United States, which included all of West Tennessee and became known as the "Jackson Purchase". [379] These include the Mississippi, Tennessee, and Cumberland rivers. [27] The Cherokee began migrating into what is now eastern Tennessee from what is now Virginia in the latter 17th century, possibly to escape expanding European settlement and diseases in the north. Tennessee Gov. [113], When the Emancipation Proclamation was announced, Tennessee was largely held by Union forces and thus not among the states enumerated, so it freed no slaves there. [400] The Supreme Court of Tennessee appoints the state's Attorney General, a practice only found in Tennessee. [418] In a 2020 study, Tennessee ranked 21st on the "Cost of Voting Index", a measure of "the ease of voting across the United States". A new state park that traces the state's history, Bicentennial Mall, was opened at the foot of Capitol Hill in Nashville. [39] By the late 17th century, French traders began to explore the Cumberland River valley, and in 1714, under Charles Charleville's command, established French Lick, a fur trading settlement at the present location of Nashville near the Cumberland River. [67] President George Washington appointed William Blount as territorial governor. WebTennessee's third-largest city perfectly blends outdoor recreation with urban amenities. The husband of the Tennessee police officer fired for having sex with six of her coworkers is standing by his wife, the Daily Mail reported Friday. [459] Nashville is also home to the Belmont Bruins, members of the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) but moving to the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) in July 2022; Tennessee State Tigers, OVC members with no plans to change conferences; and the Lipscomb Bisons, members of the ASUN Conference. [381] Known as "Tennessee's Main Street", I-40 serves the major cities of Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville, and throughout its entire length in Tennessee, one can observe the diversity of the state's geography and landforms. [225], Forests cover about 52% of Tennessee's land area, with oakhickory the dominant type. Lee's 2nd term inauguration scheduled for Jan. 21. Senator from Tennessee, failed to carry his home state, an unusual occurrence but indicative of strengthening Republican support. [375] The Grand Ole Opry, based in Nashville, is the longest-running radio show in the country, having broadcast continuously since 1925. [139] On July 9, 1918, Tennessee suffered the worst rail accident in U.S. history when two passenger trains collided head on in Nashville, killing 101 and injuring 171. [180][182] Uncertainties in the latter 19th century over the location of the state's border with Virginia culminated in the U.S. Supreme Court settling the matter in 1893, which resulted in the division of Bristol between the two states. [22], The first inhabitants of Tennessee were Paleo-Indians who arrived about 12,000 years ago at the end of the Last Glacial Period. WebTennessee Gov. [177] It borders eight other states: Kentucky and Virginia to the north, North Carolina to the east, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi on the south, and Arkansas and Missouri on the west. [64] Efforts to obtain admission to the Union failed, and the counties, now numbering eight, rejoined North Carolina by 1788. In the early 1900s, the state legislature approved legislation allowing cities to adopt a commission form of government based on at-large voting as a means to limit African American political participation. Generally, the state has hot summers and mild to cool winters with generous precipitation throughout the year. [133] A full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens was designed by architect William Crawford Smith and constructed for the celebration, owing to the city's reputation as the "Athens of the South. [118] The Radical Republicans seized control of the state government toward the end of the war, and appointed William G. "Parson" Brownlow governor. [323] There are sizable reserves of lignite coal in West Tennessee that remain untapped. [105] Union strength in Middle Tennessee was tested in a series of Confederate offensives beginning in the summer of 1862, which culminated in General William Rosecrans's Army of the Cumberland routing General Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee at Stones River, another one of the war's costliest engagements. The first was adopted in 1796, the year Tennessee was admitted to the union, and the second in 1834. [359], The state enrolls approximately 1 million K12 students in 137 districts. [394] The governor is the only official elected statewide. [322], Tennessee has very little petroleum and natural gas reserves, but is home to one oil refinery, in Memphis. km, the State of Tennessee is located in the South-Eastern region of the United States. The TWRA is an independent agency tasked with enforcing all wildlife, boating, and fishery regulations outside of state parks. [194] The New Madrid Seismic Zone in the northwestern part of the state produced a series of devastating earthquakes between December 1811 and February 1812 that formed Reelfoot Lake near Tiptonville. The executive branch is led by the governor, who holds office for a four-year term and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. [48][49] Most of them were English, but nearly 20% were Scotch-Irish. [348], Tennessee is perhaps best known culturally for its musical heritage and contributions to the development of many forms of popular music. [463], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}36N 86W / 36N 86W / 36; -86 (State of Tennessee), This article is about the U.S. state. The geography of Tennessee is unique. Find out more The state is one of eight states which require voters to present a form of photo identification. Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin are not distinguished between total and partial ancestry. [88] East Tennessee's geography did not allow for large plantations as in the middle and western parts of the state, and as a result, slavery became increasingly rare in the region. [260], With the exception of a slump in the 1980s, Tennessee has been one of the fastest-growing states in the nation since 1970, benefiting from the larger Sun Belt phenomenon. About 14% of Tennesseans are non-religious, with 11% identifying as "Nothing in particular", 3% as agnostics, and 1% as atheists. They were checked by John Schofield at Franklin in November and completely dispersed by George Thomas at Nashville in December. UT Martin and Tennessee Tech will remain in the OVC, while Peay will move to the ASUN. [178] Tennessee is trisected by the Tennessee River, and its geographical center is in Murfreesboro. [210] West of this is the Gulf Coastal Plain, a broad feature that begins at the Gulf of Mexico and extends northward into southern Illinois. [300], The automotive industry is Tennessee's largest manufacturing sector and one of the nation's largest. [395], The bicameral legislative branch, the Tennessee General Assembly, consists of the 33-member Senate and the 99-member House of Representatives. Of the Protestants in the state, Evangelical Protestants compose 52% of the population, Mainline Protestants 13%, and Historically Black Protestants 8%. [428] During the first half of the 20th century, state politics were dominated by the Democratic Crump machine in Memphis. [75][76] The legislature convened on March 28, 1796, and the next day, John Sevier was announced as the state's first governor. To pay off debts and alleviate overcrowded prisons, the state turned to convict leasing, providing prisoners to mining companies as strikebreakers, which was protested by miners forced to compete with the system. [172] On December 23, 2008, the largest industrial waste spill in United States history occurred at TVA's Kingston Fossil Plant when more than 1.1 billion gallons of coal ash slurry was accidentally released into the Emory and Clinch Rivers. In the southeast U.S. region that includes Tennessee, the Kraken strain is the second-most prevalent strain, making up about 31% of all cases, CDC data show. [101] In March 1862, Lincoln appointed native Tennessean and War Democrat Andrew Johnson as military governor of the state. In 1788, North Carolina created "Tennessee County", and in 1796, a constitutional convention, organizing the new state out of the Southwest Territory, adopted "Tennessee" as the state's name. [355] The Rockabilly Hall of Fame, an online site recognizing the development of rockabilly, is also based in Nashville. [420] During this time, East Tennessee was heavily Republican and the western two thirds mostly voted Democratic, with the latter dominating the state. I-26, although technically an eastwest interstate, begins in Kingsport and runs southwardly through Johnson City before exiting into North Carolina. [317] Nuclear power is Tennessee's largest source of electricity generation, producing about 43.4% of its power in 2021. After the war, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory became a key center of scientific research. [112] On April 27, 1865, the worst maritime disaster in American history occurred when the Sultana steamboat, which was transporting freed Union prisoners, exploded in the Mississippi River north of Memphis, killing 1,168 people. WebGet Your Free 2022 Tennessee Vacation Guide Get the latest on all of the music experiences and attractions across the state. The Nashville market is the third-largest in the Upland South and the ninth-largest in the southeastern United States, according to Nielsen Media Research. [271], Tennessee is included in most definitions of the Bible Belt, and is ranked as one of the nation's most religious states. [255], According to the 2010 census, 6.4% of Tennessee's population were under age5, 23.6% were under 18, and 13.4% were 65 or older. [69], As support for statehood grew among the settlers, Governor Blount called for elections, which were held in December 1793. [227] The Nashville Basin is renowned for its diversity of flora and fauna. WebIn Tennessee, there are 4 comfortable months with high temperatures in the range of 70-85. WebThe University of Tennessee is comprised of the statewide Institute of Agriculture and Institute for Public Service Institute of Agriculture The UT Institute of Agriculture delivers real life solutions through $54.5 million in research, educational outreach to 3.3 million people and veterinary services to more than 21,000 animals annually. WebTennessee's third-largest city perfectly blends outdoor recreation with urban amenities. [386] Tennessee currently has 2,604 miles (4,191km) of freight trackage in operation,[387] most of which are owned by CSX Transportation. As observed on the map, the varied ranges of the Appalachian Mountain system geographically dominate the eastern third of Tennessee and include the Bald, Great Smoky, Holston, Stone, Unaka, and Unicoi mountains. After lawsuits by environmental groups, the debate was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court case Tennessee Valley Authority v. Hill in 1978, leading to amendments of the Endangered Species Act. [309], Tennessee's commercial sector is dominated by a wide variety of companies, but its largest service industries include health care, transportation, music and entertainment, banking, and finance. [295] Tennessee farmers are also known worldwide for their cultivation of tomatoes and horticultural plants. [331] The park anchors a large tourism industry based primarily in nearby Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, which includes Dollywood, the most visited ticketed attraction in Tennessee. [99] In response, East Tennessee Unionists organized a convention in Knoxville with the goal of splitting the region to form a new state loyal to the Union. [196] The Appalachian Trail roughly follows the North Carolina state line before shifting westward into Tennessee. [290] Beef cattle is the state's largest agricultural commodity, followed by broilers and poultry. The Blue Ridge Mountains along the eastern border reach some of the highest elevations in eastern North America, and the Cumberland Plateau contains many scenic valleys and waterfalls. [155] The next year, nearby Clinton High School was integrated, and Tennessee National Guard troops were sent in after pro-segregationists threatened violence. Covering an area of 109,247 sq. [115][116] Tennessee ratified the Thirteenth Amendment, which outlawed slavery in every state, on April 7, 1865,[117] and the Fourteenth Amendment, which granted citizenship and equal protection under the law to former slaves, on July 18, 1866. [129][130], Despite New South promoters' efforts, agriculture continued to dominate Tennessee's economy. [249] Its 13-county metropolitan area has been the state's largest since the early 1990s and is one of the nation's fastest-growing metropolitan areas, with about 2 million residents. Tennessee has the third-highest number of amphibian species, with the Great Smoky Mountains home to the most salamander species in the world. Roman Catholics make up 6%, Mormons 1%, and Orthodox Christians less than 1%. [366] The program has also received national attention, with multiple states having since created similar programs modeled on the Tennessee Promise. The state of Tennessee is a place in the southeastern United States. WebTre Hargett was elected by the Tennessee General Assembly to serve as Tennessees 37th secretary of state in 2009 and re-elected in 2013, 2017, and 2021. The state's oldest rocks are igneous strata more than 1 billion years old found in the Blue Ridge Mountains,[189][190] and the youngest deposits in Tennessee are sands and silts in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain and river valleys that drain into the Mississippi River. [435][436] In 2004, Republican President George W. Bush increased his margin of victory in the state to 14% from 4% in 2000. [396] Senators serve four-year terms and House members serve two-year terms. [377][378], Tennessee has 96,167 miles (154,766km) of roads, of which 14,109 miles (22,706km) are maintained by the state. [103] Grant then proceeded south to Pittsburg Landing and held off a Confederate counterattack at Shiloh in April in what was at the time the bloodiest battle of the war. [247] The Office of Management and Budget designates ten metropolitan areas in Tennessee, four of which extend into neighboring states. WebTennessee State Government - The Tennessee Conservationist Holiday Offer Request Your Free 2022 TN Vacation Guide Find a COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Hub for Learning and Teaching Fiscal Year 2022-23 Budget The Tennessee Conservationist Holiday Offer Save on Conservationist Magazine Subscriptions! Discover the best road trip destinations, new places to eat and more in your free printed guide or e-guide. [403] Tennessee is divided into 31 judicial districts, each with a circuit and chancery court, and a district attorney and judges elected to eight-year terms. [90] A strong abolition movement developed in East Tennessee, beginning as early as 1797, and in 1819, Elihu Embree of Jonesborough began publishing the Manumission Intelligencier (later The Emancipator), the nation's first exclusively anti-slavery newspaper. Study finds more people moved to Tennessee in 2020", "More people moved to Tennessee, Texas, and Florida than any other states in 2020, according to data from U-Haul see the full ranking", "Selected Characteristics of the Foreign-born Population by Period of Entry into the United States", "Public Chapter 1101 The Tennessee Growth Policy Act", Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, "Race and Ethnicity in the United States: 2010 Census and 2020 Census", "Historical Census Statistics on Population Totals By Race, 1790 to 1990, and By Hispanic Origin, 1970 to 1990, For The United States, Regions, Divisions, and States", "Population of Tennessee: Census 2010 and 2000 Interactive Map, Demographics, Statistics, Quick Facts", "The Association of Religion Data Archives | State Membership Report", "Church of God International Offices marks 50 years at Keith and 25th location", "Remarriage Issue Gives Denomination an Identity Crisis", "National Association of Free Will Baptists (NAFWB)", "Not New York: Book Business & Publishers in Nashville", "Union membership drops in Tennessee as legislature considers putting right to work laws in state constitution", "Tax policy: States with the highest and lowest taxes", "There are 9 US states with no income tax, but 2 of them still tax investment earnings", "Tennessee on its way to becoming a bona fide no-income-tax state in 2021", "What are the state and local sales tax rates in Tennessee? [109] Despite Unionist sentiment in East Tennessee, Confederates held the area for most of the war. [361] According to the most recent data, Tennessee spends $9,544 per student, the 8th lowest in the nation. [393] The capital was relocated to Nashville in 1812, where it remained until it was relocated back to Knoxville in 1817. [228] Tennessee is home to 340 species of birds, 325 freshwater fish species, 89 mammals, 77 amphibians, and 61 reptiles. [250] Memphis, with more than 630,000 inhabitants, was the state's largest city until 2016, when Nashville surpassed it. [54] Later that year, Daniel Boone, under Henderson's employment, blazed a trail from Fort Chiswell in Virginia through the Cumberland Gap, which became part of the Wilderness Road, a major thoroughfare into Tennessee and Kentucky. [218] The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operate many hydroelectric dams on the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers and their tributaries, which form large reservoirs throughout the state. what's the difference between jam and jelly dirty joke, ph lab report conclusion, lee bollinger net worth,

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