We intend to be there for a 3 week period this Sept. An IDP international Driving Permit (google!). They are brokers and work with all major car rental companies in Croatia. Please let us know in the comments below. For drivers over the age of 25 the legal blood alcohol level limit is 0.05% as long as you dont get into an accident, Using a mobile phone while driving is illegal unless you have a hands-free device, Between the end of October and the end of March, dipped headlights should be used during daylight hours. The majority of rental cars in Croatia are manual. 4. does waze work well? Thank you for supporting our blog! You can get international drivers licence in AAA office for about $30. We are looking for a car rental for just one day from Dubrovnik to Split and back. An RV or Camper Van is the perfect vehicle to rent in this situation. Any suggestions for an automatic rental car size that will fit 4 adults and 4 suitcases? This means that the earlier you book your car, the less you will pay. I have an Indian Driving License but no IDP. 2. Can you drive a rental car from Croatia to Bosnia, Montenegro, or any other European country? Unfortunately, Im foreign is not going to help you much if youre pulled over for not following the laws of the road. I just dropped you a word via email. For the purpose of writing this post, Ive checked prices on various car rental companies' websites, and for almost all dates I randomly picked I found cheaper deals on the Rentalcars website. We like the idea of driving ourselves so we can explore a little going both ways to Rovinj. A network of national toll-free roads usually runs parallel to the toll motorway. Is a cross-Balkan road trip futile? If you'd like to see many places in Croatia in a short time, you'll need a car. I will be visiting Croatia and Bosnia in late June and checked with the Bosnia embassy in my country regarding the requirement for IDP. Make sure to ask for all receipts, a list of damages, police reports, photos, etc., and anything that your insurance company may require as proof before reimbursing you. If you are wondering about the road conditions, I can say that they are close to perfect! We have a question about car rentals. It might be cheaper. 3. I would like to have some foundation if Im going to argue with the company. i would like to rent a car in split; what is the closest rental car pickup/dropoff location to the downtown area? Hi, Frank: Both countries are non-EU, and roaming charges are huge. Top car rental brands. How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Car in Croatia? Decide what's the purpose of your trip, and how many places would you like to see during your visit, and you'll have a better idea of whether you need to rent a car in Croatia. But seriously, just follow common sense rules and you will be fine! Four- and six-lane motorways connect the country from North to South, West, and East. The only problem youll have is you wont be able to drive through small villages, but many of them are better to explore on foot! I dont want them telling us we need to return the car if we arent ready. Are there camping grounds? Cheers Would appreciate your thoughts/tips, and if you have any other advice Id be very grateful. Do not forget the ticket you receive upon entering the toll! It takes time for your car to get up to speed in snow or ice and it takes longer for the car to slow down. What Documents Do You Need to Rent a Car in Croatia 3. Many of my cards are issued with chips and printed numbers. Hi James, We want to rent a car in Zagreb, than go to Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia. 2. Make sure the size of the car is appropriate. how much is gas in and around Zagreb through Dubrovnik in the high season of travel? Car rental companies don't keep enough cars with automatic transmissions. Hi Charlie, I thinks the electronic payment system is too much hustle for a short stay in Croatia we have some traffic jams at the toll booths, however they are not excessive nor they happen often. Alternatively, you can maybe try to request it directly from the insurance company with whom the car is insured *if you can get this information). What would you suggest? Thanks so much!! So how much can you expect to pay to rent a car in Croatia? You can arrange different pick-up and drop-off locations. Do not try to take off or stop in any hurry. Hi Elise, (And the last time no one checked for the green card at those borders the ones around Neum). D8 (ex. In certain instances, rental companies offer discounts if you hire at the last minute, but this is a risky move as prices might increase due to demand so I dont recommend it. I will stay in old town. Regards. Is there a company that will let us pick up in Zagreb and drop off in Split? If youll be traveling out of Croatia, make sure the car rental company allows cross border travel. As for the car rental company, we always use Rentalcars.com. If it`s not exaggerated, do you know how long we should count on border crossings to take? Hertz. Book as far in advance as possible! you ask. The most important motorways include: National roads are marked with the letter D, and the road signs are mostly yellow. Paid parking (marked as P with a blue background) is quite easy to find and it usually costs anywhere between 1 and 2 EUR per hour (parking machines usually accept only coins and in kunas, the local currency). This is more difficult than it might seem. So I know it is very dificulty parking in Dubrovnick. Do many companies deliver cars to hotels or is it just pick ups from main towns and airports? And they also work offline (if previously downloaded). Choose your pick-up location, compare and find the car that best suits you and your budget. So, book your car as soon as possible if you can't drive a manual. To. A car is definitely the best way to explore Croatia. Whenever we rented a car, we always found better deals on these aggregators' websites than on car rental companies' websites. We use Oryx for long-term car rental, and so far we had a good experience with them. The A1 motorway connects Zagreb with Ploce to the south; The A6 motorway connects Zagreb with Rijeka to the west, The A8 motorway connects Rijeka with Kanfanar in Istria (this road is mostly a 4-lane motorway although there are still a few sections with a single-carriageway road), The A9 motorway connects Pula with the Slovenian border via Kanfanar, The A3 motorway connects the Slovenian border to the west with the Serbian border to the east via Zagreb. Just be sure there is enough space for all your passengers and their luggage and you should be good to go! Another Croatian car rental company with offices all over Croatia. Can we do it? Report inappropriate content ratheniska ireland Level Contributor 146 posts 3. Youll feel much more independent without feeling like you need to rely on anyone else. 3. any issue regarding crossing over into Slovenia with a car rented in Croatia? You are quite knowledgeable about travel in Croatia. Any suggestions to keep a 5 five year old will be appreciated. Can you tell me if there are any restrictions from the rental car companies about this countries and which one is the best for this type of trips? PRICE: HRK 1700 (US $250.5) HRK 1750 (US $258) per day. Why is car hire so expensive now? Since my company often rents with Oryx, and I know people there, I called and asked for the best deal they could make me for a day rental. Renting a smaller, compact car is more practical. Thanks for the blog. Do Croatian companies have offices in Hungary/Italy/Slovenia? What do you think about? Fifty-five percent of executives are very or extremely concerned about labour shortages, according to KPMG. All roads are asphalted, and wide enough, with clear road signs. So you do not need to buy additional insurance, even if some companies insist that you should buy it. The average cost over the course of the entire year is 29. Copyright 2014-2023 MissTourist | All Rights Reserved |. Why is Spain car hire so expensive? It simply gives you much more flexibility. Summer can be quite a bit more expensive, unfortunately. Whether you need to purchase additional insurance for crossing the border into Bosnia and/ or Montenegro with your rental car is the biggest debate on the internet regarding car rental in Croatia. To recap on this one, Croatia is probably one of the easiest countries with the most rewarding views to drive through in Europe! and another question on if not driving car so easy to commute to one city to another city ? If you need this service, you will need to arrange this directly with the car rental company. Hello. But its just a bad luck, for the most time car rental goes fine. Hi Keshala, yes, there is an additional fee for taking a car hire to the islands. Some blogs suggest staying out of old town, in Lappad for exemple. The minimum driving age in Croatia is 18. While in low season you perhaps can just show up at the airport and find a car to rent, this isn't the case in high and shoulder season. RELATED READ: 8 Things You Should Know About Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. It can come in handy in big towns, like Zagreb, Split, or Dubrovnik. "At non-peak times when there is good availability, prices can get cheaper the closer you get to the start date of the rental. It does not matter what country you are renting your car in, before driving the car out of the lot, its important to do a few checks: NOTE: Do not forget to refill your tank when returning the car. Do I need to get any specific insurance while there? We have CHASE credit cards and full coverage on our card now. And if you purchase anything using these links, we earn a little commission with no extra costs for you. Do you know a car company that will do this? Kompas Rent A Car. EasyRent. This holds true ESPECIALLY if you are visiting in the high or shoulder season (so, May to October). I understand there is no need to buy a additional insureance in order to visit Bosnia. I will mention this a couple more times in this post, and I cant stress this enough Croatia is a pretty big tourist destination nowadays (for a good reason!) Hi! You can try to negotiate with a car rental company to waive these fees. As I mentioned earlier, I recommend looking at RentalsCars.com so you can filter your options to find the best deals for whatever your plans are. We definitely know we need to rent a car and we want to go exploring, but we dont know what our starting and end point should be and the best route to plan for that would make the most sense with a rental car. Neum is a coastal town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. So, if you dont want to take the risk, extra insurance just for this will be about 15-20 EUR extra. ), Awesome Things to Do in Split, Croatia (+5 Unusual Ones! If their prices are the most competitive, just go with it. I read on another website that an international drivers license is required for a car rental? If you are going from Split to Dubrovnik or the other way around by car, you will need to cross a tiny strip of land that is not in Croatia. and how difficult to find in tourist spots? If true is that still current? If youre going to be traveling long distances, make sure the car is equipped with cruise control. Roadtripping is an amazing experience, especially if you're on vacation or headed toward a destination you're particularly excited about (like a Jonas Brothers concert, to give a hypothetical example). I definitely recommend renting a car. In the country I live in, it was recommended by the Sixt office that it would be better to set up the contract for fewer days so I wont be stuck with the entire bill. I would like to rent a car in Venice and drop off in Dubrovnik. "The business model seems to benefit both the rental . Hi Trude, ATTENTION: Youll be able to rent a car as long as youre 18 years or older, but will be subject to extra charges if youre younger than 22 or older than 70. Contacts (Zagreb Airport) | a: Rudolfa Fizira 21, Zagreb | t: +385 1 6219 900 | e: [emailprotected]. a VW Golf) for a week this summer (27 July - 3 August 2019), across all destinations . Before the pandemic, rental agencies had a good number of cars available. Supply and demand. Because the rules mentioned on Alamo mention IDP required. 1. Each was for 100 Euro; we bought one for the car body. However, parking fees apply in Split, Dibrovnik, or Zagreb even for hotel parkings. One of the reasons that car rentals are so expensive is that car rental agencies sold off most of their cars during the COVID-19 pandemic. Buses are ok if travelling to Dalmatia, but not on islands or in Istria. Drop Off. There shouldnt be any problems if you choose a company that allows border crossing, such as RentalCars. But you'll need to pay a young driver's surcharge. To my knowledge, majority of bus companies offer up to 80% discount for kids up to 3 years old. Renting a car in Croatia is easy, if perhaps a bit more on the pricey side compared to other European countries. If you are four or more people traveling together, you will need to rent a full-size car with a big trunk, or even a van in order to comfortably fit you and your luggage. Search The most expensive month in which to hire a car is August with prices for for a Compact class) starting at 45.06. You mentioned that you should be able to drive a croatian car rental into Bosnia and Montenegro with no further insurance other than a green card. If something happens on the road (I am sure you will be just fine the roads are great and the drivers are polite! There are some businesses we don't trust and always believe that in dealing with them we'll certainly get screwed up. This will save you a lot of hassles along the way! If you are below 21 years of age, you'll still be able to rent a car in Croatia. Your on line travel guide is terrific. from Zagreb to Split is about 200 kunas (~US $30). But, in my opinion, Google maps are the best and the cheapest navigation solution in Croatia. Its able to handle a variety of different terrains while still providing you with the maximum amount of comfort. So, what do I do with my car when I arrive at a destination? Less cars, less working capital, expected lower demand. We returned a car a week ago and just got charged 42 for being on an island. 6 years ago Save Most companies charge a one-way fee for a short hire. There are a few situations that we can think of where you'll be better off without a car. Having your own rental car allows you to change your plans at any point during your trip and allows for spontaneity. Of course, every company charges different rates, so youll have to do a lot of comparing to find the best and least expensive car hire. Happy exploring! You can rent a car in Dubrovnik and drive to Montenegro, or take your car rental from Croatia to Bosnia and back. Very insightful and in depth post. This is why it is so important to inspect the car before renting it and do the same on return. If you are asking in terms of car robberies and other theft-related things, you should not be worrying it is very safe there! you dont need to purchase additional insurance if your credit card provides the coverage. Home / Croatia Travel Tips / Car Rental in Croatia: All You Need to Know About Renting a Car in Croatia. If you break down or have to pull over for some reason, you need to know youll be able to keep warm and sustain yourself until help arrives, Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have a decent amount of tread, Try to keep at least half a tank of fuel in your tank at all times, Never warm up your vehicle in an enclosed area like a garage, rather wait until the car is outside to warm it up, Do not use cruise control when driving on ice or in snowy areas. Car rental companies also offer additional equipment to rent like GPS, WiFi hot spot packages, child and baby seats, an extra driver, etc. If you have a question, it is always best to drop it in below in the comments this way other readers can benefit from the answer as well! Do you know what the deal is? Sometimes our readers like to know if they can pick up a rental car in one country, and then drop it off in another country. Also, to get the lower security deposit/hold should the extra insurance be purchased from the rental company or would the insurance offered though the broker site recommended in the article result in the lower credit hold? Any other thing should I take into account? Do all/most of the companies allow this, or are there certain rental companies that are better for these pick-up/drop-off locations? If you are not used to manual ones, it will be worth your while to learn how to drive a manual or take someone along who can drive a manual car, as it will save you a pretty penny! You really dont have to have it but I always do just in case since it clearly says Croatia is member. They also have a smartphone app with all the rest stops in the country-check it out on their website! In June, it was about 88% more expensive to rent a car or truck than during the same time last year, contributing to the inflation hitting US consumer prices, according to newly . Would I need an international driver license? We LOVE your website! An international driver's license is only mandatory in the case when your national driver's license isn't written in Latin letters (for example, if it's written in Cyrillic, or in Chinese characters). Normally, every car in Croatia is insured for accident throughout Europe, they all come with so-called green card, but car rental companies dont always include it in the rental (although they should). Their prices are competitive, and what's even better, you have all offers in one place, and you can easily compare them, and shop for the best car rental Croatia deal. Rovinj is generally more expensive than some places (more touristy but with good reason) so keep that in mind, too. RECOMMENDED CAR TYPE: If you want to take full advantage of your vehicle and drive it through the many small villages and their back streets, youll need a small vehicle (especially if you are not planning on going far distances). RentalCars will then compare all the available cars and give you the prices for the city you are arriving in. Do we need to purchase additional insurance? This piece of document proves that your car has at least a minimum level of insurance required and it is recognized and accepted by different European countries. Advertisement. Be it coastline, waterfalls, lakes or some stunning landscape, you will want to see it in your own time, not from a window of a bus. What will be the name of the town where ferry will take us and car rentals will be available. Her blog MissTourist.com is created with the purpose to inspire people to travel more and to share her advice of how to travel "smart". Can spouses drive a car rented in Croatia for free or do I need to purchase the extra driver for my husband? It is gorgeous, though. Thank Yulia for the wonderful advice. and the rental car rates are not getting any lower, trust me! Hope this helps! My Husband and I shall be travelling to Croatia next week for the first time . Toll fees can be paid in both cash and credit/debit card, which makes life a whole lot easier for those on a road trip! Re: Car hire seems very expensive! You can then individually check the reviews for each car rental company. Most have offices in the larger Croatian towns and at airports. PRICE: HRK 200 (US $29.5) HRK 220 (US $32) per day. I will be coming from Venice. If you are planning to do a longer road trip and you are thinking of going to other EU countries by car, the green card insurance will also be enough (oh, the beauty of the EU!). A one-way car rental fee amounts to as much as 120 per rental. I recall seeing a comment on another website regarding a requirement the the credit card have raised/embossed characters. I am told that should my son decide to leave earlier than I plan to (4/18-4/28/19) Id still have to pay the full contracted price. Here is a video of a fellow traveller that crossed there: You do NOT need to buy any additional insurance to cross that strip of land, but make sure your car has a green card a proof that your car has a minimum level of insurance required to be in Bosnia. Many guests staying in our apartment in Komarna do just this. (Norwegian citizens, by the way), Sorry for all the questions, any reply would be greatly appreciated :). Also, if you are a US citizen, check Bonzah, they offer pretty good prices too! Compare car hire in Croatia and find the cheapest prices from all major brands. How much does it cost to hire a car in Croatia? The same goes for picking up or dropping off the car out of office hours. i have a quick question. The combination of Covid and global car manufacturing shortages has created a perfect storm in the car hire industry. I got an offer for VW Golf for 75 a day; only to find that same car on the Rentalcars website for 50 . In the low season, for the same cars, you'll pay 20 and 25 respectively. Very informative! Opting for car hire in Croatia is your best option for travelling quickly and comfortably to the country's hidden reaches. The first time they absolutely claimed we had to pay for the green card (and we were going from Dubrovnik to both Bosnia and Montenegro so we bought it). Croats might break some speed limit rules here and there, but I do not recommend you follow their example as locals they know all the ins and outs, where speed cameras are located and all the other tricks. Are you looking for cheap car hire in Croatia? Last week of June our family (mum, dad & two teens) have a quick trip to Croatia from NZ for our sons sport. International drivers licence isnt required unless your national one is written in letters other than latin. Until fleet sizes are restored, visitors to popular tourism markets such as Tasmania next month can expect to pay as much as $2823.99 for a week-long rental of a Mitsubishi Pajero four-wheel drive . Contacts (Split Airport Office) | t: +385 21 895 164 | e: [emailprotected] | Website. Any recommendations or providers you would suggest? Insurance4CarHire has some of the best independent insurance prices and offers very comprehensive coverage! We've rented a car from Vetura a couple of times in the past and would recommend them if you are in Istria. This is especially true for periods of high demand (June through September). If the tank isn't full, a car rental company will charge you a fee. They also have a free smartphone app with real-time information about road conditions, congestion, and live webcams. So, Nova is definitely worth a try if you are looking to rent a car in Croatia. I was surprised to find out that car rental companies charge extra for taking a car on a ferry. Car rental companies also offer additional equipment to rent like GPS, WiFi hot spot packages, child and baby seats, an extra driver, etc. Oryx is a company based in Zagreb but with offices all over Croatia. Intercity buses are a convenient, frequent, fast, and cheap way to go from one town to another. They all come at an additional cost. Are you wanting to road trip across Croatia or do you need to look for car hire companies that allow cross-border travel? If you look for a cheap car rental in Croatia, we recommend using brokers like Rentalcars or similar websites. There are very few companies doing cross-country rentals, and the fees are just way too high. Thanks in advance for your reply, were looking forward to experiencing Croatia! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The views are gorgeous! What do you think of these two issues? Places to visit in the car this Easter with the family! The simple answer is No! Don't forget to refill your car before you drop it off. Check that there is a full tank of gas in the car before you leave, as that is the policy with rental cars. However, we will keep the information as it is, and updated for the time when the travel to Croatia returns to normal. Never be in rush, take all the time you need, but make sure you check for any damage no matter how small it might be. Some companies can charge triple the price for gas, so better do it yourself in advance. And I hope youll visit Croatia soon! Even for the high season, you can secure a mini-size car for as low as 45 a day if you book 6 or more months in advance. PRO TIP: Many car rental companies will try to upsell you extra insurance saying that you need it to cross the border. I am aware that Kosovo is a no-go by rental car, but I wasn`t aware that Albania and Macedonia could be an issue? How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Car in Croatia? Looking to hook into many of your other recommendations on accommodation and preferred spots. You need to be over 25 to rent a car in Ireland via most rental companies. This part of Bosnia actually separates Croatian territory into two parts, separating the Dubrovnik region from the rest of Croatia. Your information has been invaluable. A meal at McDonalds starts at around 10 euros for the most basic budget version, if someone is earning 20-30 euros an hour they're considered very lowly paid. Enjoy your driving in Croatia! If you only plan to stay in big towns like Zagreb, Split, or Dubrovnik, you'll probably be better off without a car. My wife and I are driving our own car from Italy into Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzgovina and are wondering how we get a green card to show that we have the required insurance.We would very much like to hear from you. NOTE: If your accommodation provides free parking that is an extra bonus-make sure to ask them in advance! Hiring a car in Croatia gives you the freedom to travel as you please and make impromptu stops along the way, without having to hassle with a tour guide! Costing just 124 on average for a week's rental and fuel, those looking for an adventure on wheels could roam around the tropical southeast Asian country for over eight . 2. if yes, can it be done through the rental company? Smaller cars also have a much better fuel efficiency which will save you money along the way! You also need a valid driving licence (more on requirements in the guide below) and a valid ID. Now that you have a better idea of how youre going to get around this amazing country, you should start looking into the best places to visit in Croatia. The problem with all car rental companies here is that the demand is very strong for a short period in July and August, and sometimes companies overbook the vehicles. Thank you for creating this wonderful site. Here are the very few rental companies that charge a senior driver fee in some countries. Our best car rental in Croatia advice and tips, Different pick-up and drop-off location for car hire in Croatia, Insurance: Full coverage on a credit card, What kind of drivers license I need to rent a car in Croatia. Im happy to hear this, thank you! Do you know if you can also drive car rentals into albania and kosovo? What route do you recommend taking? Uber Carshare was one of two credited car share . great blog you and your wife is running here, I am also an expat living in Croatia where i run a few websites, i was wondering if you could contact me on E-mail. In this case, you should point it out to them before you take the vehicle so that youre not held responsible, Familiarize yourself with the car. If you had any questions about hiring a car in Croatia, I hope Ive cleared them all up for you! Hi Frank, fellow Canadians here, looking to rent a car to go from Split to Plitvice Lakes, then on to Rijeka where we will drop it off 2 days later. Thank you. You will then need to claim this cost with your insurer (in this case, your credit card company). In my humble opinion, Croatia is one of the most beautiful destinations to travel through by car! Besides, only traveling by car allows you to make as many stops as you want in order to discover all those beautiful places along the way. Majority of hotels provide parking (often free of charge in small coastal towns). And we even had full insurance. For the latest news how coronavirus influences travel in Croatia, and what measurements we are taking, check our Visiting Croatia in times of Covid-19 post. The big bang brands (Hertz, Europcar, Avis.) From. NOTE: When driving on small countryside roads, pay attention to animals they can jump on the road completely unpredictably. 1. Here are 4 car types I recommend for different types of vacations: RECOMMENDED CAR TYPE: If youre going to be doing a lot of long-distance traveling between cities and seeing a lot of open roads, youll need something comfortable with room for plenty of luggage. Have you heard of them and are they okay? Luckily Croatia has plenty of ferry routes that can transport you and your car, so you can continue your road-trip! This post might also contain affiliate links to other sites, like accommodation or activities. Maybe you can rent it there and then drop it off in Zagreb. Can it be avoided with our own rental car insurance proof? Return car to the same location. A credit card is mandatory when renting a car in Croatia. Another thing to consider is traffic and limited parking in the town centers. So many awesome places in Croatia, I hope you are staying for a long time! However, if you leave it too late you can miss out," he says. Prices have risen so high about 88 percent from a year ago that rental cars are now one of the key factors driving the biggest rise in inflation since 2008. Its possible to arrange it, but youll pay extra. Weve been looking on carrentals.com, but arent sure about the rules. There are plenty of companies that offer short term insurance for rented cars, and many of these come in at a much more reasonable price! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You can see the updated list of speed cameras here.

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